Sami Safari Camp

A little local "secret"

Sámi Safari Camp

Sámi Safari Camp is a little local "secret" deep inside Mannfjord in Hamarøy municipality, far from other people and far from electricity and wi-fi.
Sámi Safari Camp is a comfortable and well-equipped lavvo camp - five of our lavvos have floors and are decorated according to purpose. We have three sleeping lavvos, one large lavvo with a lounge and dining area and one toilet lavvo. In addition, we have a traditionally decorated lavvo with an open fire, birch twigs and reindeer skins on the floor.
Each sleeping lavvo has two twin beds and a wood stove that keeps you warm throughout the night - even when it's cold outside. And between the various lavvos and down to the sea, we have laid boards so as to not create unnecessary wounds or paths in nature, while at the same time making walking easier.
Welcome to an adventurous stay close to nature, yourself and Sámi culture!





At Sámi Safari Camp we can accommodate a maximum of 6 adult guests at any given time.


Transport, preparation and serving of food, activities and accommodation are updated and quality assured in accordance with current legislation and current COVID 19 measures.


If someone gets sick

We have first aid equipment and satellite phone for contact with AMK (Emergency Medical Communication Center) at the camp.


I am an anesthesiologist trained nurse with work experience from emergency services, ambulance and ambulance helicopters.


We serve food based on Sámi ingredients. Vegetarian food is served as needed. We do not offer any other special diet.


Breakfast: served in the big-lavvo.

Lunch: served outside in the forest.

3 course dinner: served as a food walk around the camp.

How to get here?

Travel by train to Fauske or by plane to Bodø Airport, and then by bus or rental car to Drag ferry quay where we will pick you up by boat.


Travel by train to Narvik or by plane to Harstad-Narvik airport, and then by bus or rental car to Drag ferry quay where we will pick you up by boat.

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