at one
with nature

Far from other people.
Far from electricity and WiFi
Close to yourself


Lavvo glamping

Five of our lavvos have floors and are decorated according to purpose. At the camp you are embraced by a natural silence far from other people and wi-fi. You can savour the warmth of the campfire and the scents and sounds of the wilderness.
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What we can offer during a stay at Sámi Safari Camp

Sámi Safari Camp is lavvoglamping – i.e. five of our lavvo have floors and are decorated according to purpose.
The lavvo are set up on poles and between the lavvos and down towards the sea we have laid planks so as not to create unnecessary wounds or paths in nature.
We have three two-person lavvo with soft beds, reindeer hides on the wooden floors, a wood stove and an oil heaters that will keep you warm throughout night even if it’s cold outside.
The dining experience is part of the forest bathing – we taste the forest and use the entire camp and the surrounding area when serving food and drinks. The food we serve is inspired by our upbringing, Sámi cuisine and based on local ingredients.  We can also offer a vegetarian diet. We do not offer any other special diets.
During your stay you will get a short digital detox and experience nature through all your senses. No previous experience needed, we guide you through forest bathing, mindfulness exercises and Sámi spirituality. Around the fire in the evening, we serve campfire-coffee, dried reindeer meat, and local Sámi stories. And when the night creeps in, we’ll take you out on a quiet walk to visit the places of the stories we shared by the fire.
Travel by train to Fauske or by plane to Bodø airport, and then by bus or rental car to Drag in Hamarøy where we will pick you up.
Or travel by train to Narvik or by plane to Harstad-Narvik airport, and then by bus or rental car to Drag in Hamarøy where we will pick you up.
And then we drive about 50 minutes by boat into the fjord.


Please note

Participants must be able to take short walks in the uneven terrain around the camp.

For your safety

The experience can be canceled/ or you can be evacuated from Sámi Safari Camp by wind > 16 m / sec.

What do I need to bring?

Woolen underwear, hiking boots, wind- and waterproof jacket and trousers, cap, and mittens.